Perriello Campaigning for President Obama in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Former Congressman Tom Perriello was in the Hill City Monday.

The former 5th District representative is out campaigning for President Obama this week. Monday and Tuesday, Perriello will be at various events throughout the state, as a part of the "Building a better Virginia" campaign tour.

Monday, the former Congressman toured Lynchburg's Johnson Health Center.

Perriello says the differences between the President and Mitt Romney on health care could not be starker.

"I think you have a very big difference here. Do we want to provide basic health security, or do you want to have a system that makes sure only the super rich get access to quality care?" he asked voters.

From Lynchburg, Perriello went to South Boston and Danville where he met with presidential campaign volunteers.