People Wait Till Weekend for Christmas Gift Returns

Danville, VA-- Whether or not we'd like to admit it to our friends or family, sometimes we get Christmas gifts that we just don't like.

That means heading back to stores to exchange or return gifts. But this year, some businesses say the after-Christmas rush was a little subdued.

Stores said they were expecting the day-after rush, but never got it, at least not on the day after Christmas. A lot of store managers said this weekend traffic has really picked up.

Many stores in Danville prepared for the after-Christmas rush.

"We'd already planned ahead just incase there were any mad rushes, we had extra folks staffed so we could get the customers in and out quickly if they did bring in their returns and making purchases also," Lowe's store manager Stan Gammon said.

Little did stores know that the returns this year were going to be delayed.

"The day after Christmas we probably had like five or six of them" DEB store manager Naomi Miller said.

"Pretty smooth transition for the day after Christmas," Gammon said. "Normally there are mad rushes but everything was really smooth, it went well. We didn't have any back ups or anything."

Instead of the gift return rush the day after Christmas, many people chose to exchange this weekend.

For DEB, a women's clothing store in Piedmont Mall, it was all about their after Christmas sale.

"If You wait for a clearance sale, where you would get one item for $36, you could probably get two or three items for the price of that one."

Over at Lowe's a store manager says it's all about the timing.

"Probably had more to do with Christmas falling in the middle of the week," Gammon said. "You actually had folks that had to go back to work the day after ,as opposed to the weekend, you would have more foot traffic of course."