People Preparing for Hurricane Sandy Early

Lynchburg, VA- Folks in our area are starting to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. Saturday we stopped by the Home Depot on Graves Mill Road in Lynchburg, where they were completely sold out of generators.

They received a truck load of about 80 more, but those sold quickly as well. Along with generators people are stocking up on lanterns, extension cords, batteries and flashlights.

The Home Depot manager says people are shopping for supplies earlier for this storm. He says June's wind storm changed the way people prepare.

"With that 9 days or 10 days where folks were without power, they are striking and coming in earlier to get their supplies, so they have learned their lesson from the first storm," said Michael Riley, Home Depot Manager.

Riley also says the Home Depot Emergency Services Department will monitor the storm and send supplies into the areas that are hit the hardest.