People Flee Frigid Temps And Head To Lynchburg Salvation Army

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's Salvation Army took in quite a few folks without a warm place to sleep Wednesday. Whenever the temperatures drop below freezing, their doors are open to anyone in need of a warm place to sleep.

The Salvation Army's permanent housing was at capacity Wednesday. When that's the case, they fill their cafeteria with cots to accommodate the overflow.

The Salvation Army also provided coats, blankets and a warm meal.

Volunteers Wednesday were handing out winter jackets so folks could bundle up.

"We're open 24/7, anytime your heat goes out at three in the morning, your house is cold, you wake up, then there's a place to sleep here" said Jamie Warrick, a Salvation Army employee.

Anyone without heat is encouraged to show up at the Salvation Army at any time.

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