Pending Storm Prompts Preparation Warning From Red Cross

Lynchburg, VA - Storms Friday morning have the potential to bring some high winds to our area. There are steps you may want to take to protect your family.

If there are issues with Friday's storm that disrupt everyday life, it likely will not be a huge issue since it's just November 1. However as it gets colder, there are some things people have to be mindful of.

The last thing you want is to be left without electricity in the cold, with no supplies or safety plan.

The Red Cross is making sure there are some things that everyone should have on hand going into the winter months in case you lose power, or get stuck in a severe storm.

Red Cross officials say it's important to remember one gallon of water, per person, per day. Also, stock up on canned goods or nonperishable items. Some other crucial items you need to be keeping in your homes, batteries, flashlights, and a NOAA radio.

Red Cross officials also are issuing a warning about that summer furniture you may still have out on your lawn, "Take a look at their backyard with their outdoor furniture because with 60 mph winds, they can blow all over the place and maybe break windows. So I want them to make sure that they tie them down or bring them into their home" said Beverly Gaydas, the Regional Red Cross Disaster Manager.

You need to consider your car as well. The Red Cross advises keeping blankets and water in there as a precaution, you never know when or where you may be stranded.