Peerman Increases Expectations for 2012 NFL Season

Reporter: Justin Feldkamp @justinabc13 JustinFeldkamp-ABC13 Sports

LYNCHBURG - William Campbell and UVa standoutCedric Peerman is about to begin his third season with the Bengals. Heonly had three carries for 15 yards last season but was an important member ofCincinnati's special teams. "I'm just trying to be a valuable guy outthere, just special teams, just fulfill my role there I developed last year andif there's some carries there that's great, if not I just have to bide my timeand just continue to work hard," Peerman said during the Faith, Family,and Sports Football Camp this past weekend.

Although he's not a starter, he says his personalexpectations increase each year. "I'm just working hard and trainingright now and just trying to be able to be prepared to be in the best shape ofmy life come the end of July."

The Bengals play at FedEx Fieldin Washington D.C. September 23rd and Peerman said he expects to have a crew offamily and friends in attendance. "I've had several people ask about thatgame. My pastor, he's a big time Washington Redskins fan so it's so close,everyone wants to come so hopefully we can accommodate everyone."