Pedestrian Plaza Coming to Market Square in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - More construction is set for Roanoke's Market Square as another big project in downtown is wrapping up.

There has been project after project for the past five years, but the end is now in sight.

City leaders plan to move forward with construction to create a pedestrian plaza in front of the Market Building that will stretch all the way to Elmwood Park. They say this should be the last piece of the puzzle.

It's the last of a handful of major redevelopment projects that the center of this city has taken on over the past five years.

People that use the market are excited at what it means.

"I think it will be great and if it goes all the over to Elmwood Park it will be a nice little stroll in the afternoon," said Barbara Snyder, who works downtown.

The biggest change people will notice will be the conversion of these two parking areas into pedestrian traffic only. Widened sidewalks will take out more parking along Campbell. The cement will be replaced with brick pavers.

Whitey Barton just started selling vegetables in the market two months ago.

"No big deal to me. I wouldn't be here anyway," he said.

He's not worried he'll be out of a spot for the first three months of year.

"I talked to the Market Manager and she said that I would have a spot so that's all I needed to know."

The construction is expected to begin in January.

A drop in the bucket compared other projects the market-area has endured in recent years, including Elmwood Park where renovations are wrapping up within the next week.

The big celebration and grand reopening of Elmwood Park is set for October 19, and of course that includes the unveiling of the brand new $12 million amphitheater.