Peck Motorsports Has Solar Powered Hauler

Martinsville, VA - A racing team is going green. The first ever solar powered race truck hauler made a stop in Martinsville Wednesday.

Renewable Engineered Systems partnered with Peck Motorsports to show off its new innovation.

The hauler is 90 % solar powered with exception of its gates and air conditioning. It has a lounge are, a kitchen and can fit two race trucks.

The solar panels are placed on top of the hauler.

NASCAR race truck driver Todd Peck says a lot of people don't think that NASCAR can be a green sport, but now that's changing.

" It's been awesome it's really reduced our emissions. We don't sit there and burn gallons upon gallons of diesel fuel throughout the course of a race weekend, and it's saved us money, it's helped us be a little but greener," he said.

Renewable Engineered Systems says they hope to eventually use solar power to power a whole race track.