#PearlsForPearl Community-Wide Hashtag Raising Awareness

Lynchburg, VA- It's a hashtag that's gone viral in this area --- #pearlsforpearl.It all started after a local woman gave birth to a baby girl named Pearl. Pearl has had trouble breathing since she was born a few days ago and was transferred to the neonatal unit at UVA. Her friends say it's harder to show support since the family is farther away-- and one friend says she put on pearls as a reminder to herself to pray for baby Pearl. She says she posted a picture to social media and on a whim, hashtagged #pearlsforpearl.That has grown to a community-wide effort to raise awareness, thoughts, and prayers for baby Pearl."It's been really amazing as they have seen these photos pour in, they have felt overwhelmingly supported. She said that it keeps happening that she'll see a photo in the midst of a really trying time and it brings tears to her eyes and lets her know that she's not forgotten," said Lauren Barnes who created the hashtag.You can search the hashtag on social media. There are even some local jewelry vendors selling pearls and giving proceeds to the family, as well as a go fund me page.

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