Peanut Corporation of America Worker Not Testifying

Lynchburg, VA - A former employee of Peanut Corporation of America won't be testifying before a federal grand jury in Georgia this week.

Lynnette Sul, a temporary worker at the company's Lynchburg headquarters from December 2008-February 2009, says she was told her testimony was no longer needed.

Sul, who was subpoenaed last month, says a federal agent recently visited her in Lynchburg and determined she doesn't have any information that would further the investigation. Prosecutors wanted to find out if she had any inside information from the time she worked for the Lynchburg company at the center of that massive, deadly salmonella outbreak.

"They asked me what my role was," said Sul. "They asked me was I ever involved in any meetings. Did I ever hear anything? Did I ever see anything? They asked me about different emails and stuff but I was out of the loop on everything."

Sul had only been with the company six weeks when federal agents raided the office.

"I stayed. I continued answering the phones and eventually a lot of people showed up," said Sul. "They came in and you know went through the files, went through the computers, and I sat and answered a few questions."

After her interview with the federal agent, Sul says she was told she no longer needed to travel to Georgia to appear before the grand jury on Tuesday.

When we contacted the U.S. Attorney's Office in Macon, GA last month, no one there would confirm the grand jury. Due to the holiday, we could not reach anyone at the U.S. Attorney's office Monday.

Peanut Corporation of America was at the center of the 2008-2009 salmonella outbreak that killed 9 people and made 700 sick. The company's owner, Stewart Parnell, pleaded the fifth before Congress in 2009.