Payne's Sons Talk About Father & Arrest in Homicide

James Payne, 89, was found Friday at his home stabbed to death. Vincent Spinner, 49, was arrested by city police around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Spinner is the brother-in-law of Keith Payne, one of James Payne's sons.

Officials confirmed the homicide had to do something with money. Keith Payne says his father financially helped his daughter and her estranged husband out from time to time.

"I didn't know a whole lot about him. I knew that my sister loved him. He tried to help them in order to establish themselves and also establish the family," said Keith Payne.

Officials say James Payne died from multiple stab wounds in the upper extremities or torso.

They say Spinner's arrest went smoothly.

"It actually occurred on a traffic stop. Mr. Spinner was seen leaving the house, surveillance was done on the house and at that point we saw him get into a vehicle so a traffic stop ensued," said Billy Crowe with Campbell County Sheriff's Office.

That was on Ardmore Drive, where Spinner had been staying with his brother.

Steve Payne, the other son who just arrived from Maryland, was at the funeral home Wednesday.

He had little to say, but he did share what he wants people to remember about his father:

"A man of character, a man of integrity, a loving father."

Payne's family says Tamara, the daughter of James Payne and the estranged wife of Vincent Spinner, lived in Winchester.

They say the two were only married a couple years.

Spinner is being held at the blue Ridge Regional Jail without bond.