Paul Ryan Rallies Supporters in Roanoke County

Roanoke Co., VA - Vice Presidential hopeful, Congressman Paul Ryan, brought his team's message to Roanoke County Wednesday morning.

A crowd of roughly 1,300 people came out to hear what he had to say as Ryan's visit completes a summer that saw all four main party candidates visit southwestern Virginia.

Before Ryan could deliver that message, Radford's "Chris the Baker" started things off in the direction Ryan expected to go.

"Most of all Kelly and I represent thousands of small business owners who did build their business," said Chris McMurray.

Lynchburg's Mark Smith was one of those who came out. He wanted to hear the man he believes will help push Governor Romney to the top.

"To see Romney get excited now. I mean it's like Ryan kicked him in the rear end and said, 'Alright... let's go!'" said Smith.

The dozen or so anti-Ryan demonstrators outside see a different vision of Ryan.

-"He is the face of the change that the Republican Party wants to wrought on this country that is not good for senior citizens, that is not good for the middle class and as I said earlier, it's not good for our veterans," said Dick Cranwell, former Virginia House Majority Leader.

Quite opposite the way Ryan sees it himself. As he rallied the crowd, hitting all the talking points, he also called President Obama's recovery imaginary - promising jobs that he says Obama couldn't.

"We're showing that if we get this under control, get this economy growing, we can create 12 million (jobs) over the next four years," said Ryan.

Overall the message was about change. He offered a clear alternative to the current administration - deregulation, repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, stimulating small businesses and reforming the tax code. It's a message he hopes Virginians heard as he assured them this state is a mandatory win.

"Virginians, of all people, have a unique responsibility and an opportunity. You deliver Virginia, you save the American idea," said Ryan.

Afterward, Ryan headed off to Raleigh, North Carolina for an afternoon appearance there.

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