Paul Ryan Hosts Campaign Fundraiser in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Congressman and Vice Presidential hopeful, Paul Ryan was in Roanoke Friday. His plane touched down around 5:30 p.m.

He came to Roanoke from a campaign rally in Harrisonburg.

Ryan traveled aboard the big Romney campaign plane. After Ryan de-planed, he and his wife, along with staff members made their way to the historic Hotel Roanoke. That was where Ryan, along with the Republican National Committee, held a fundraiser.

ABC 13 obtained an invitation to the fundraiser from an invited guest. A VIP dinner reception was held at 5:30p.m., with admission to that event requiring a minimum donation of $10,000 per guest. It included some one on one time, and a photo-op with Ryan.

At 7p.m. a general reception, with admission costing $250 a person was held, about 120 people attended.

A republican guest from Lynchburg, explained the real value, behind such a pricey event, "Money's very important to politics. Whether you're democrat or republican, it takes money to get your vote out, to get your message out, to buy the ads in the media. So, you know, somebody has to write those nice checks," said Wendell Walker.

This was Ryan's second visit to Roanoke and his fifth to Virginia.

Here was a response to Ryan's visit from the Obama Campaign:

"Congressman Ryan told voters in Virginia today, 'It's not enough just to criticize We owe you solutions, we owe you ideas.' He's exactly right - but he and Mitt Romney have failed to do that. In fact, Congressman Ryan proceeded to outline zero actual solutions and zero actual ideas to move the country forward. That's because the Romney campaign's own advisers believe it would be 'suicidal' to detail their plans, which would raise taxes on middle class families with kids by an average of $2,000 by cutting benefits like the mortgage deduction and child tax credit in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and would turn Medicare into vouchercare. Congressman Ryan and Mitt Romney should find the courage to be honest with the American people about their policies and the devastating impact they'd have on middle class families and our economy."Danny Kanner, campaign spokesman