Paul Munro Elementary Turns 50

Lynchburg, VA - Paul Munro Elementary celebrated its 50th birthday Friday. And what's a birthday without a gift. The present from parents to the Lynchburg school will be a new school playground. But, with a $100,000 price tag, there's a lot of money to raise.

One fundraiser: buy commemorative bricks with your name on it. The bricks will be placed in front of the school.

But, Friday wasn't just a fundraiser; it was a celebration with a 60s theme, the decade Paul Munro first opened. Parents and alumni were invited, and students got to party.

"It's been great. Today, I think they are very excited. They not only get to meet all these people, but they get cake and ice-cream - and fruit! It's like their birthday," said Missy Perry, committee chair, 50th Anniversary.

Saturday night, there's an Anniversary Party for the school. It's at Amazement Square. Adults only. Click here for party details.