Passengers Ride Altavista Buses for Free

Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Altavista, VA - Gas money can really add up when you're driving from store to store shopping for gifts. Well, starting Friday, people in the town of Altavista can ride public buses during the holidays for free.

The $0.50 fee to ride the Altavista Community Transit System is waived from now until Christmas Eve. Altavista on Track and Broadstreet Enterprises are splitting the $400 cost of the transit for the month.

Town leaders say construction has halted downtown shopping, and they're hoping the free rides will help both businesses and passengers. And those who live in town took advantage of the free rides.

"I have no vehicle so the bus is a huge convenience. I can go get my groceries, do my little bit of shopping like I did today, and even when it's not free, it's still only 50 cents. It's cheaper than driving," Susan Branzelle said.

More than 9,000 people have taken the buses since the transit system started last December.