Passenger Numbers Soaring at Lynchburg Regional

Lynchburg, VA - The sky's the limit for Lynchburg Regional Airport. This November's passenger numbers looked very good, up 5.8% from November 2011.

{}In fact,{}2012 is shaping up to be the airport's third best year since 2001.

With those impressive numbers, Airport Director Mark Courtney plans to sit down and recruit a second airline come March.

Remember, after losing Delta, Lynchburg Regional just has U.S. Air now.

Business travelers are a big help for the airport.

"57% of our travelers are flying for business reasons and 43% leisure, which means each flight that leaves here is also generating more revenue because business fliers tend to pay higher fairs," said Courtney.

Courtney also ties the airport's success to big employers like Liberty University and Areva, who fly business travelers overseas.