Parts of Martinsville Expected to be Under Boil Water Advisory Until Sunday

Martinsville, VA-- Due to water main break, some areas in Martinsville are under a boil water advisory.

Officials from the Martinsville Water Treatment Plant said the water main break happened Friday afternoon at the intersection of Bridge Street and Memorial Blvd.

They said new pipes have to be put in place and they don't expect to lift the advisory until Sunday night or Monday morning.

Areas affected are as follows:

Memorial Blvd. from Bridge Street west to Fayette Street and side streets including, Henry Street, Sellers Street, Salem Street, Lavinder Street and Manilla Street.

Bridge Street from the intersection of Memorial Blvd. north to Market Street, including Lavinder Street, Winston Street, Railroad Street, South Moss Street, Cemetery Street, Sutherlin Street and South College Street.

You need to use bottled water or boil your tap water for one minute before drinking or using it to cook with.