Update: Crews Work Into the Night on Outages in Amherst

Update 10:45 pm - Amherst, VA - North Main Street in the town of Amherst is expected to open again sometime overnight Friday into Saturday.

According to public safety director Gary Roakes, crews with Appalachian Power got the over 1100 people affected by Friday's tractor trailer accident back on line.

Telephone service through Verizon is still out in some areas of the county and may be back tomorrow.

Comcast crews were stringing cable up late Friday night hoping to get customers restored overnight as well.

Roakes said a tractor trailer took down those lines as it traveled North Main Street and{} Blue Ridge Lane around 3:15 Friday afternoon.

The driver of the truck has not been charged.


Amherst, VA - Crews are working to reopen Main Street and Blue Ridge Lane in the town of Amherst.

According to public safety director Gary Roakes, a tractor trailer couldn't clear the height{}and{}the driver snapped power and phone lines driving down through the area.

This happened around 3:15 Friday afternoon.

Roakes said Verizon, Appalachian Power and Comcast crews{}are cleaning up the mess left behind.{}

He expects the roads to be reopen around 9 or 10:00 Friday night.