UPDATE: Lightning Believed to Have Started Fire in Rivermont Home

Lynchburg, VA - Flames ravaged a home on the 1400 block of Rivermont Avenue Tuesday Morning. Firefighters were called to a report of a fire at a home about 8 a.m. Friends of the homeowners tell us the woman who lives here was the only person home at the time. They say she heard a loud noise and before she knew it, the house was on fire."We decided to come out because the conditions inside got so severe we were worried about firefighter safety" said Battalion Chief Greg Wormser. Fortunately the homeowner managed to get out safely along with her pets, but firefighters faced a battle putting it out. "Every place that we go and every place that we try to put the fire out more fire appears in another location" said Wormser. Neighbors say shortly before the fire, they heard loud rumbles of thunder, and they believe lightning may have touched down near the house."It got really bad, really really bad. I mean you couldn't even see the end of the street at one time" said Ethel Rucker. Ethel Rucker lives two houses down and she says she too heard a loud bang, and even temporarily lost power."I got up and the fire trucks were here. I came out and I just saw clouds of smoke... It was just burning burning burning" said Rucker.Lynchburg firefighters worked quickly to contain the fire but they say it spread so fast because of how old the home is. "Older construction fire tends to communicate in between floors and in between walls because there are a lot of void spaces" said Wormser.Fire officials say they used so much water to tackle this fire that the water was discolored in the area. They asked residents to avoid doing laundry today.