Back to School: Parents You May Be The Reason Your Teen is Distracted While Driving.

Lynchburg, VA - {}Parents you may be the reason your teen is distracted while driving. A new study by Parallel Consulting found more than half of teens talking on ccell phonesbehind the wheel are speaking to their mother or father. While only 18 percent were texting. The MacDowall twins will be driving to school for the first time this year. The 16-year-olds got their driver's license over the summer. "It was really exciting I love driving" said Megan MacDowall. They also say they love to text. "I just keep my phone with me all the time just in case anybody texts me" said KriKristincDowall. However, when it comes to texting behind the wheel, mom Audrey MacDowall says she has a zero tolerance policy. "We set a rule with our children that if you text and drive, we control the car keys and they will be removed" said Audrey MacDowall. Sending or receiving a text can take your eyes off the road for up to 5 seconds. In that time you can travel over 300 ft. That's the length of an entire football field. "Someone can stop in front of you. Someone can pull out in front of you, a pedestrian can walk out in front of you" said LPD Officer John Zeh. Officer John Zeh says it's important for parents to be mindful of texting their kids if they might be driving. "Tell them hey give me a call once you reach your destination, or If you have to give me a call pull over to a safe destination off the road way" said Zeh. Audrey MacDowall says for her family, being on the road is a valid excuse to not responding immediately. "If we are checking on you to see if you are home or not you do not need to answer us right away" said Audrey MacDowall. Just last month, texting and driving became a primary offense. That means officers don't need another reason to cite teens for texting and driving.{}