Parents Weigh in on Danville's New School Bus Code of Conduct & Contract

Danville,VA - It's a new year with new rules in the City of Danville. In the first few days students will go home with a new school bus code of conduct and a contract - to be signed by the student and a parent - saying they agree to behave on the bus or suffer the consequences.

"For us to have success, we really need for our children's behavior to change, " said Danville Schools' Director of Transportation Michael Adkins.Infractions are categorized as moderate, serious and severe. Disruptive behavior - like horseplay, cursing, and vandalism - could result in suspension or complete loss of bus privileges.Parents have already voiced their support for the new policy online, saying it will create a safer environment for everyone on board, but others say the consequences could be unrealistic for families.

"I think it's a good policy on one behalf, but on the other half, if we're paying for it with our tax dollars, we need to come up with something else other than kicking them off the bus and making the parents take them, " said parent Mark Banks, but according to the policy: "riding the bus is a privilege, not a right".Adkins says state law only requires school districts to provide transportation for disabled students. He says he hopes the schools and parents can work together to make this policy work.

"We need parents to step forward and say, 'I understand this. I want to work with you, I want to help you change that behavior so that my child and every other soul on that bus is safe', " said Adkins.

The school system is also in the process of adding cameras to school bus stop arms. Adkins says they will be working with police to crack down on folks speeding past as children enter and exit the bus.