Parents Upset Over Halifax County High School Fight

Halifax Co., VA - A fight at Halifax County High School that led to four students being suspended has now hit the Internet, and some parents are none too happy about it.

After seeing the video appear on Facebook and Twitter, two parents say the school did not do its part in preventing it.

Shirleta Sydnor says her daughter and her classmate are honor roll students with no records of bad behavior. She claims the fight that took place last Monday was the result of relentless bullying her daughter experienced at school.

"It's humiliating. It's humiliating to me, it's very humiliating to the two honors students that were involved," said Sydnor.

Sydnor says her daughter and her classmate had been constantly bullied by another student leading up to the fight. When she went to the school for help, she was unsatisfied with the response she received.

"I've been up to that school on four separate occasions and this was week, after week, after week. I can honestly say no, nothing was done properly the way that it should have been done according to the code of conduct book."

Halifax County High School Principal Albert Randolph says administrators followed proper procedure for the bullying and the violent incident that took place as a result.

"Here at Halifax County High School, we're going to do everything possible in following the law and following procedures that have been put in place to provide the safest environment for all children," he said.

But some are not convinced.

Now, four students are suspended and the parents believe the violence and humiliation that ensued could have been prevented.

"It should have never escalated to a fight. It should have been stopped at day one. The code of conduct book for bullying is just as severe as for a fight and had they followed that we would not be sitting here right now," said Josephine Williams, a parent.

No one was seriously injured in the incident, but two students were treated for minor scrapes and bruises.

All four students involved have been placed on suspension and one student has been sent to a detention center.