Parents Upset About $13K Charge to Appomattox Youth Sports

Appomattox Co., - The Appomattox County School Board hit the Youth Program there with a $13,000 bill. The fear is the cost for each child to participate could more than triple because of it.
The president of the Appomattox Youth Sports, Ray Perkins, says the amount of the invoice caught him off guard.
For years, AYS used the gymnasium at the elementary and high school in Appomattox for the kids to play basketball. Last year, the school board started a new policy that charges non-profit organizations to use school facilities. Now, some parents are worried they won't be able to afford to sign their kids up.
153 kids participate in the Appomattox Youth basketball program. Seven-year-old Jacob Taylor plays for the Blue Devils.
"Basketball - that's my heart," said Jacob. Jacob's dad, Jonathan Taylor, is concerned about the price increase.
"If prices go up, it's going to definitely affect me where I have to weigh my options," said Taylor. The current cost for each child to participate is $40 dollars; the added bill from the board would bump that up to $120.
"It's outrageous," said Taylor.
Dennis Drinkard is a strong supporter of Appomattox youth sports. "As a taxpayer, I am very upset. I'd rather see them in here, 60, 70 or 100 of them playing ball than have them out here on the streets creating a problem," said Drinkard.
Ray Perkins has been president of the youth league for more than eight years. "It's just ridiculous," said Perkins. He says he knew a bill was coming, but never imagined it would be this high.
"That cost ought to be reduced. There's no way that with what little water and toilet paper may be used. I mean they're in and out," Perkins added. Taylor invites board members to sit in the stands just once to see what they're putting in jeopardy.
"To see the happiness of them playing with their friends. If they see that, they'll see the overall and long-term benefit it will have for these kids," said Taylor.
ABC 13 made several attempts to contact the school board and superintendent for comment. Most did not return our call, and one chose not to comment on camera. A school board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 24th. Perkins says he will be there to fight the $13,000 bill.