Parents Scramble to Pick Up Kids Early From School Because of Weather

Roanoke, VA - Many schools let out early Thursday due to the weather, and that really threw a wrench into the day for some parents as they scrambled to get their kids picked up.

It's never a good phone call when you have young kids and both parents are working. But some way, parents make due. That was the case for these folks outside of Highland Park Elementary School in the Old Southwest area of Roanoke.

There, elementary level kids got out of school two hours early - right at 12:20 p.m. Secondary kids got out an hour later at 1:30 p.m.

No doubt the primary concern is getting everyone home safely, which quickly gets more difficult in bad weather the higher in elevation you go. And that left plenty of working parents wondering what to do next - many having to reach out to friends for help on a day like today.

"When your kids are little it's a bigger hassle. My kids are older and they can fend for themselves at home but when you've got little ones, it takes a village," said Sharoni Davis, who was helping take care of her friend's kids.

There is still no word from school districts I regarding classes tomorrow. You can continue to check our closings and delays page for the latest.