Parents Say Nathan Norman's Cancer Progressing

Rustburg, VA - Many of you know Nathan Norman -- the Rustburg boy fighting his cancer with the Christmas spirit.

His mother Dawn posted an update on Nathan's fight on their Caringbridge and Facebook site.

She said Nathan had an MRI at Duke (where he goes for treatment) and the preliminary reports show his brain cancer is progressing.

Doctors said his blood vessels are growing in spite of the chemo treatments he's on. They also noticed a second lesion.

The only way to know if it was a separate tumor or part of the one he already has is to do surgery - which the Normans say is too risky.

They ask for continued prayers as they work to get Nathan into a clinical trial.

As for Nathan, after finding out the news he said, "I am sad that my cancer is growing but I'm still happy, happy, happy!"

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