Parents Pour Into Bedford Co. School Brd. Meeting To Protest Closures

Bedford Co., VA - The battle is really just beginning in Bedford County. A public hearing on the potential closure of multiple elementary schools was the focal point of Thursday's Bedford County School Board meeting. Parents from Moneta and Body Camp were present and pleaded with the board to keep their schools open. Moneta, Bedford Primary, and Body Camp are all considered on the chopping block after a state efficiency study was conducted and recommended closing two schools. No decision has been made yet on the closures and Thursday's meeting was the first since the closures were recommended. "I went K-5, it's home to us and I'm going to fight for my 8 year old son, I mean he's been through enough" said Connie Thomason, the parent of a Body Camp student. "When you think about it for economic problems that are occurring today, are we really, have we taken the time to look down the road, what are the repercussions to our community five years from now or ten years from now with a decision that's made today" said Vicki Gardner, Executive Director of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce. One man spoke as a private investor Thursday, willing to raise the money to pay for upgrades to keep Moneta Elementary School open.