Parents Have Mixed Feelings About School Closings, Delays On The Southside

Danville, VA - When the bad weather started rolling in Tuesday afternoon, schools across our area weren't taking any chances.

Most closed as a precaution, including areas like Danville and Pittsylvania County that weren't hit as hard, and some districts are still closed.
Halifax County Schools will be closed again Thursday. Wednesday, both Halifax and Henry County Schools were out because of the weather, but parents have had mixed feelings about the closings and delays in areas that were not hit very hard in Tuesday's snowfall.
Several parents took to Facebook, saying the schools on the Southside jumped the gun by closing Tuesday when the bad weather didn't actually come in until around 3 p.m.
Some also said it's hard for parents who work to take off time to accommodate the delayed school openings, but others we spoke to applauded the schools for taking those precautions.
Those who live in rural areas say the roads are still slick, and they say nothing is more important than keeping children safe.
"You can't always predict the weather, so you just have to think about the kids first, " says a Danville mother.
"We live out in the county and we still have a lot of ice on our roads. You don't want the buses to have any accidents or the parents to have any accidents trying to get the kids to and from school, " said the mother of a Halifax County student.
The Superintendent of Pittsylvania County Schools says those students will have to make up three days later in the year, but students in Halifax County won't have to make up any.
The Superintendent there says up to ten snow days are already accounted for in their school calendar.