Paralyzed Father Back Home With Children

Rustburg, VA - It was a car wreck that killed his wife, and left him paralyzed. We've been following the Johnson's tragic story, and Jamie's fight to make it back to his Campbell County home.

In an instant, Jamie Johnson lost his wife and his mobility. But over the past few months he's gained so much more, including an incredible will to live.

His children climbed onto their fathers lap for the first time Tuesday since the day, they nearly lost it all.

He's home now in Campbell County; finally, after spending months in a hospital bed.

"They'll lay in the bed with me though, beside me" said Johnson.

Johnson and his children share a special bond. Besides being their father, Johnson was sitting in the front seat of the car that collided with an 18-wheeler in North Carolina; the children were in the back seat.

The wreck would claim the life of Johnson's wife, their mother, 26 year old Holly.

"If it wasn't for friends and family support, I don't know where I'd be right now, honestly" said Johnson.

Johnson is paralyzed. After months of rehabilitation, he has limited mobility in his legs, no feeling still in his hands, arms and chest.

"I've cried so much over the past three months, but I'm trying to focus on getting better for my kids" he said.

A goal made easier by friends and family that donated money time and supplies to make his home wheel chair accessible; including a ramp, built entirely by volunteers, and a new floor in his kitchen to replace the rickety old one.

"I thank God for everything that the people have done here. From the porch to the inside, I mean it's all so wonderful, me and my wife were trying so hard to fix it up" he said.

His recovery is also aided by 24-7 care from his family, and his best friend, Jay Davila.

"Before the wreck, Jamie and Holly were my best friends and losing Holly, I'm pretty sure she'd want me to" said Davila.

Johnson's healing is made harder without his wife. But, he's begun to try, always remembering one thing.

"As long as you have support there, family just friends, it doesn't matter what it is, just your kids, it's enough to keep you going" he said.

Johnson's healing is far from over; In a few weeks he will begin a two month rehabilitation at a facility in Fishersville.