Parade In Buena Vista The Unofficial Start Of "Campaign Season"

Buena Vista, VA - On a small, wooden stage, Virginia Senator Mark Warner proclaimed ""Politics in Virginia starts in Labor Day on Buena Vista!"For 44 years, the Labor Day celebrations in the small town have served as the unofficial start to election season. With the race for the Virginia State Senate launching, supporters for Democrat Mark Warner and the Republican Challenger Ed Gillespie made their voices heard, as each candidate took to the stage.

While the community enjoys the morning's events, like the 5K Race and parade down Magnolia Avenue, the candidates make their way through the crowds, shaking hands and working their way towards the speeches that follow.Republican challenger Ed Gillespie observed "There's a lot of energy and enthusiasm, as you can hear here. Love being on the parade route, and visiting with supporters for breakfast this morning, it's just a great day."The day provided an opportunity to get up close and personal with the candidates, asking questions and making their voice heard.The stage now set, both candidates addressed their supporters, and their opponents. Senator Warner addressed the growing need for VA reform, stating "We owe an obligation to our veterans, and whether we are Democrats or Republicans, we need to make sure they get the care, the service, and the respect they deserve."Gillespie focused on his "EG2" economic growth plans, and what they could mean for Virginians, stating "Too many hard working Virginians are feeling squeezed today, because of the policies coming out of doesn't have to be that way. We can have a change in Virginia, and in the country in November. "People in attendance say the race to election day is a marathon, not a sprint. For 44 years, the starting line for that marathon has been on the small wooden stage, in Buena Vista.