Mystery Water Leak Baffles Town Of Pamplin

Pamplin, VA - The town of Pamplin has had a major water leak since October,but they can't figure out where it is. They are losing about 12,000 gallons ofwater a day.

The town sent out a letter to its residents earlier this week, informingthem of the leak. Many were not aware of the leak since it is not directlyaffecting them.

"I just didn't even realize we were losing that much," saidPamplin resident, Tammy Canter.

"There's a lot of water being wasted and nobody knows where it'sgoing," said Pamplin resident Gladys Gafford.

The town of Pamplin has two wells that pump close to ten thousand gallons ofwater a day to their customers. When theirwell meters started reading double that, they knew they had a problem.

Pamplin water officials checked each of their 24 fire hydrants to try tofind the leak.

After the hydrants, water officials moved on to checking customers' meters.The numbers just did not add up, there was no change in water usage.

"It's not that we've been inactive on it, we've been working on itright away, but fortunately, pumps are keeping up with demand that's the reasonwe don't have a flat out crisis here," said Robert G. Mitchell who is theMayor of Pamplin.

Keeping up with the demand, but the extra 10,000 gallons is not reaching thecustomers.

"This is going someplace and we just don't know where," saidMitchell.

The Mayor said the strange thing is they cannot find any evidence of thismassive leak, only the readings. He says they have checked the meters at thepumps and everything seems to be working correctly; a mystery they'd reallylike to solve.

"We can fix it once we find it. Every once and a while we've had a bigleak in the past but they've been very evident," said Mitchell.

The Mayor said the next step is to turn off water lines one at a time. Hesaid the town is working with the Rural Water Association and they will measurethe pressure of each line as they turn it off. They are hoping they can findthe leak by process of elimination.