Owners of Pit Bulls Killed by Amherst Co. Deputy Say Dogs Were Peaceful

Madison Heights, VA - There are two sides to every story. The owners of the two pit bulls shot dead by an Amherst County deputy Monday night are speaking out.

The deputy says the dogs were attacking another neighborhood dog at the time would not stop.

The owners say they lost two important pieces to their family. The past few days have been incredibly difficult and sad for Faye Love and her three children, who say those two dogs didn't deserve to die.

"One for Tundra, one for Petey," said Love as she lit candles at the newly formed grave for family pets, Petey and Tundra.

"They were out babies," said Love. "I'm going to miss the cuddling, and they're so sweet. I don't see how anybody could put them out to be monsters, they're really not."

"They were just the sweetest dogs you ever did meet. And I know it doesn't seem like it when you see the pictures of that dog that Petey hurt, but they really were. This has just caught us all by surprise, we're shocked by it," said Love's boyfriend David Litchford.

The two pit bulls left Satchel, an 8-year-old Beagle who lives next door, almost lifeless.

"We feel terrible about that dog," said Litchford.

"We don't condone anything that our dogs did, they were in the wrong, definitely," said Love.

But Love and Litchford say the dogs never fought with any animals or people, and that this was all just a tragic mistake.

"We had a couple visitors and I don't know, people were in and out of the house, I was in and out of the house, but somehow that screen door wasn't closed all the way, and they managed to get out," said Litchford.

The dogs slipped out, walked into a neighbor's yard, and after that, no one knows how or why but they attacked. Amherst County Deputies say they only way to stop their rampage was with two gunshots.

"They were amazing dogs. They should have never got shot," said Love's oldest daughter.

"We'll come here every day," said Love of the dogs' grave site. "This is family right here, these are my babies."

Love and her boyfriend are facing charges for having their pit bulls roam off-leash throughout the neighborhood.

And Satchel, that beagle, is expected to make a full recovery.