Owners of the Dog that Died After Danville Animal Control Officers Restrained it With Catchpole Speak Out

Danville, VA-- Danville Police are apologizing after a dog they retrained with a catchpole died. Edward and Beth Warren are the owners the dog. They say it was a seven year-old Border Collie-German Shepherd mix named Brody.They said it's been tough dealing with Brody's death. The Warrens said although he barked a lot and was protective over their property, they don't believe he would harm anyone that didn't bother him.Danville Police were called to the Warren's home on Custer Street on Monday after Brody escaped from the back yard. They said he appeared agitated and would approach and bark at pedestrians. Animal Control restrained Brody with two catchpoles. After they got him into the cage, he collapsed and died.A necropsy shows the dog died from strangulation due to the combination of the pressure of the catchpoles, and confined space of the cage.Danville Police apologized to the Warrens, and the Warrens accept, but just want officers to be sure that it doesn't happen again"I just do not want it to happen to anyone else because it's very painful," said Beth Warren."If there was something hat they could have done better, obviously, we're going to fix it,"said Captain Dennis Haley, with Danville Police.The Danville Area Humane Society is providing additional instruction on catchpole use to Danville Police.
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