Owner of Historic North Theatre Hoping for North Main Street Theater and Arts Designation

Danville, VA - One man in Danville with a background in theater has high hopes for a section of North Main Street.The owner of the Historic North Theater, Wayne Alan, said he wants part of the street to be the city's Theater and Arts District. Alan sad North Main Street has huge potential. He said with the theater attracting performing arts lovers and a new artsy restaurant opening soon, part of North Main could transform into a more vibrant place.As Wayne Alan walks down Danville's North Main Street, he sees many vacant buildings, but envisions something completely different."I envision murals on the walls of different buildings, I envision artwork. I envision it to be a very vibrant, exciting, fun place that people will some to and say, wow this is really cool," said Alan. Alan is owner of the Historic North Theatre. It sat vacant for years, until he reopened the building almost two years ago. He said now it's time to spread the arts across North Main Street, and designate it as the Theater and Arts District."I'm using the Dan River at the bottom down where the new YMCA is being built, all the way up to Moffett Baptist Church and the Woodrow Wilson School," said Alan.Alan is already getting support .A manager that brought the new artsy restaurant, Moon River Thai, to Danville says he chose the North Main location because of its potential. "It's astounding.This could become a regional destination for theater, film," said Don Doby, Creative Manager at Moon River Thai Bistro. Alan said with the revitalization of the theater and an upcoming new restaurant, the Theater and Arts designation, would only create a chain reaction of more artsy business making their way to North Main."A boutique opens, and then jewelry shop opens, and then pottery shops, and then it just grows. It's not like I invented this idea, I've seen it done in other cities," said Alan.Alan plans to present his idea to the city to get the designation.As part of the Make Danville Shine campaign, he's holding a North Main Street Cleanup day on Saturday. If you want to join in, it starts at 9 a.m. at the Historic North Theatre.