Owner of Estate Specialists in Lynchburg Announces Store Closure

Lynchburg, VA - The owner of Estate Specialists in downtown Lynchburg has announced she's closing the store down. It may be the end for the business but not for the building.

The property is in the Bluff Walk area, and Wednesday, the city posted a Notice of Award that says the city intends to award the nearly $6 million contract to complete Lower Bluff Walk Phases 2 and 3 to Coleman-Adams Construction.

Loyal customers might tell you that nobody holds a candle to this fixture in Downtown Lynchburg.

"My whole house is pretty much furnished from Estate Specialists," said Suzanne Ramsey.

But after more than two decades selling antiques and estate items, owner Betty Davidson is ready to retire. She's found a buyer for the building and hopes to be out in two months.

Not wanting to miss out on the final liquidation, customers come in and search high and low. Some have been pining over things they've seen in the store.

You can find just about anything else in the store.

"I even had a coffin to sell," said Davidson.

"When we walked in everybody was hugging the people we know, that work here all the time. It was like a funeral. It was like a wake where you get to buy stuff," said a customer.

You might as well pull up a chair because the line might take a while.

"If I can, I'm going to write a book," said Davidson.

After all, as the largest single owner in this line of work on the East Coast, Davidson already wrote the book in a way and sold it too.

Davidson says the developer buying the building might have plans for lofts and maybe even a restaurant.

The city's construction manager was aware Davidson had accepted an offer but won't be able to share details until after the sale closes in April.