Over 400 Participate in Danville Area Crop Walk

Danville, VA-- More than 400 people participated in the Danville Area Crop Walk on Sunday.

The mile-long walk started and ended at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church on West Main Street. People carried signs, wore team t-shirts, and even made up chants.

The walk is an effort to help end hunger in Danville and overseas. One high schooler brought her friends from her community service organization at George Washington High School called Sub-Debs. They raised $720 for the walk.

"I think it's important to remember your community when you do projects like this and you know we are Danville citizens and so we need to remember our brothers and our sisters and our neighbors that need help as well,"said Sub-Debs leader Coralia Argyrakis.

Event coordinators say they've raised $14,500 from the event. Organizers say 25% of the money will go to God's Storehouse. The rest will go to a non-profit organization that feeds people in 50 countries.