Outages & Bad Roads Stall Commute in Nelson County

Lovingston, VA - Snow is all everyone's talking about at the Nelson Food Market in Lovingston. It's one of the few local hangouts weathering the storm.

Even McDonald's closed before lunch.

Cindy Ferguson's work closed too. She typically commutes from Amherst County to UVA.

"I love it. A day off. I'm loving it," she said.

But not every one is getting a day off.

Sundeep Madhiwala owns the Village Inn in Lovingston, one of the few places on rural Route 29 to get off the snowy road and rest your head. That's exactly what Nick Smith decided to do instead of risking the drive to Charlottesville.

"With the accumulation on the road, I just started slipping. And I thought with me, my car, it's not worth risking it," said Smith.

Madhiwala's not taking a risk either, choosing to turn away customers in case his business loses power too.

"I've already gotten a few calls from locals wanting rooms here, but I'm kinda staying back from renting any rooms tonight because I just don't know what my power situation is going to be."

Power has been a mess in Nelson County. A power crew came in from Tennessee to get folks back on the grid. They rescued us with the derecho, and Wednesday they're back again for this March snowstorm.