Organizers Kickoff Preps for 40th Virginia 10 Miler

Lynchburg, VA - Organizers kicked off the 40th year of the Virginia 10 Miler with a little birthday cake on Thursday.

They also made some major announcements, the big race in September will play host to special guests, like Katherine Switzer. She's the first women to ever run the Boston Marathon.

Organizers say while many races change over time, the Virginia 10 Miler has managed to stay exactly the same now for four decades.

"40 consecutive years for a race, same course, all that stuff, that's a big deal, that doesn't happen a lot. So we really wanted to give credit to all the people who led up to this moment" said Bill Gray, President of Lynchburg Road Runners.

Race day will be held on the September 28th, the last Saturday of the month, like it has been for 40 years.