Organization Opens Residential School for At-Risk Teen Girls in Henry County

Henry Co., VA-- Help for girls that really need is now in the Southside. Hope Tree Family Services out of Salem just opened a residential school for at risk girls in Henry County.

It's a place where these girls can call home. They eat, sleep, go to school and do recreational activities there. It's also a place where they can get on the right track for a bright future ahead.

"We've got about 22 acres here," said Jason Masching, Hope Tree at Glory Road Program Director.

It's a 22 acres that Hope Tree Family Services dedicated to helping young at risk girls over come personal challenges.

"The focus is to build them, give them the support and training that they need to have, so that they can go back after the conclude the program and be as successful their regular placements or traditional home environments as possible," said Masching.

But as the girls are working through some personal issues, they're also doing regular things that any teenager would do .

"They live here they do chores, they play regular games, softball, volleyball," said Masching.

And they even go to school.

"We also have a department of education licensed school here on site, so they'll also get educational credits," said Masching.

Hope Tree Family Services had this same program in the same facility back in 2003, but had to end it due to tough economic times.

Now, they have a similar program for boys in Craig County and are glad, they can help young girls in the area reach their full potential.

"It's amazing the difference you see in these kids because they have so much potential locked up inside," said Mark Early, Communications Director for Hope Tree Family Services. "They have so many hidden talents and abilities and skills that they don't even know they have that we're able to find and bring out of them."

Hope Tree at Glory Road just opened a couple of weeks ago. So far they have one resident, but their facility can hold up to 16.

They take in 11 through 17 year-olds and most of them are referred through the Department of Social Services.

To learn more about Hope Tree Family Services, click here.

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