Opinions Divided on Proposed Campbell Co. School Plan

Campbell Co., VA - Most everyone in Campbell County has an opinion about combining the schools.

For some, two bigger high schools in the county is a smart move for the future. Others say it'll destroy school pride. Monday night's your chance to weigh in. There's a public hearing starting at 7:00 p.m.

The School Board wants to know how people feel about this. People we talked with are split. Some say bigger school means more resources, while others worry about longer commutes.

No denying it, Rustburg Middle is getting up there in age.

Superintendent Robert Johnson says now is the time to think long-term.

"We need a plan in place to guide our maintenance needs and capital improvement needs over the next 25, 30 years. And that's what we're talking about - a 30 year plan," said Dr. Johnson.

Here's the idea: over decades, Campbell County would go down to just two high schools and two middle schools, an East and a West campus.

"I think this would be a better move for the area," said Linda Ferguson.

Linda Ferguson's on board. She's got grandkids in fourth and fifth grade at Rustburg, and gives one reason why she likes a bigger high school: "Children don't have to worry about making the move to another school to make new friends; they pretty much grow up in the school system."

This isn't the first go-around for school consolidation. In 50 years, Campbell County studied this twice before. And each time got the same answer: consolidation is the way to go.

Now, they have to convince students like Rayna Ford; she's got her concerns.

"It's not a good idea, because it would be a longer drive for students, and I just feel it would cause a lot of drama between people," said Ford.

Of course, we want to remind folks, this consolidation would be 20-30 years away. After Monday night's meeting, this goes off to the Board of Supervisors for its stamp of approval.