More State Troopers on Roads for Operation CARE on Memorial Day Weekend

Amherst Co., VA - Virginia State Police just kicked off Operation CARE, which stands for Combined Accident Reduction Effort.

The goal of the annual program is to reduce crashes and deaths that result from speeding, not wearing seatbelts, and distractive driving.

Trooper Travis Barr has been with the Virginia State Police for six years. He's working Memorial Day weekend as part of Operation CARE. It started Friday morning and goes on until Monday night.

"We focus a lot on speeding issues as well as seatbelt usage and driver distraction such as cell phones...things of that nature," he said.

Barr stopped and pulled out his radar gun off the side of Route 29 in Amherst.

"This area tends to be a hotbed for speeders," Barr said from his patrol car.

Operation CARE is nationwide program that's sponsored by the state. State police have 75 % of troopers out on the roads.

During the CARE initiative in 2012, troopers handed out about 11,600 speeding tickets and stopped about 3,000 reckless drivers.

"Our main goal is to make the roads safer for those individuals out there on the roads traveling," said Trooper Barr.

Barr advices travelers to pay extra attention to their speed. He says this weekend, you'll most likely get pulled over if you're speeding, and the consequences can be high.

"Usually in these Operation CARE weekends, there is no mercy. We tend to enforce the law to the strictest," Barr said.

State Police say 11 people died in car crashes in the state during Memorial Day Weekend in 2012, and 10 of the people killed were not wearing seatbelts.

You can learn more about Operation CARE on Virginia State Police's website.