Online Petition Aims to Keep Tim Tebow From Speaking at Liberty Convocation

Lynchburg, VA - Tim Tebow will be the featured speaker at Liberty University's convocation on Friday.

As expected, students are excited to hear the football star speak. But some don't want him to speak.

A petition is circulating that aims to keep Tebow away from LU.

It's sponsored by a group called Faithful America.

It was started just this week, and so far, it's gotten almost 11,000 signatures.

The group describes themselves as a quote "an online community... motivated by faith to take action on the pressing moral issues of our time."

The petition titled, "Tim Tebow Don't Speak at Liberty University," says the university is quote "ground zero for a global assault on the legal rights of gays and lesbians."

It goes on to encourage Tebow to cancel his plans at LU, saying quote "associating with anti-gay hatred is no way to share the good news of Jesus Christ."

Tebow recently canceled a speaking engagement at a church in Texas, after learning more about controversial statements made by the pastor there.

Students at LU weren't fazed by the petition though.

Many said they can't wait to hear what Tebow will have to say.

"He's coming to speak at the world's largest Christian University. I don't think it's geared at all toward homosexuality or marriage or anything like that" said one student.

"He's truly a man of God, and he's someone you can actually look up to as a role model, and I know he's prepared a lot for us" said another.

Liberty Officials are not commenting on the petition.

After his convocation speech, Tebow will stick around; he's a featured speaker at a weekend-long Christian men's event being held at the university.