Liberty University's Concealed Carry Policy, One Year Later

Lynchburg, VA - It made headlines last year when Liberty University announced it would allow its teachers and students to carry guns on campus.

LU wasn't the first to do this; in fact, the university says it was late to the game. It's their belief that if a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary could be armed like at Liberty University, the devastation would have ended before police even showed up.

Caleb Mast is a law student at Liberty University - an armed one. He says he feels more secure at school because of it.

"If some 'crazy' was to come to Liberty, or just wanting to knock a bunch of people off, they're not going to pick LU," said Mast.

In November 2011, LU's Board unanimously approved concealed carry on campus. But the fine print shows not just anyone can tote a gun just anywhere at LU. For example, Mast had to take his state-issued gun permit to campus police for approval. And students like Mast can't conceal carry just anywhere they'd like.

"As a student, I'm authorized to carry only in the open areas, not in any of the buildings or like the stadium," said Mast.

Only teachers and staff can conceal carry in the classroom.

LU's General Counsel David Corry helped write the policy and supports armed teachers.

"It tells the bad guys that this is a location that you can go to and you aren't going to encounter any opposition that's armed," said Corry.

Wednesday, Lynchburg's Police Chief Parks Snead weighed in our armed teachers in our city schools. His answer:

"I think arming everyone is a simple solution to a complex problem."

For Mast, arming teachers is a simple solution that can make all the difference if the worst nightmare does come true.

"If you had some way to keep a gun safely in the classroom, where in an emergency the teacher can access it, then I think that would be a good idea," said Mast.

LU says it's more sure than ever arming teachers was a good idea. They say if you can conceal carry in the mall and the movies, why not on a college campus.