One Year Anniversary of Fire at Brosville Fire Department

Pittsylvania Co., VA - It's been one year this Saturday since a fire house went up in flames in Pittsylvania County.

The Brosville volunteer fire department lost two trucks and a portion of their building, but now, after 10 months of re-building, the station looks as good as new.

It took $800,000 to replace two trucks and repair the structural damage.

Assistant Chief Thomas Rigney said the fire brought the department closer, and now they're proud to show the community their new building.

"Nobody ever thinks that a fire's going to happen to the fire department, " said Rigney.

When the call came in at 7 p.m. on January 26 that the fire house was engulfed in flames, Rigney says his heart dropped, but now, he's proud of how far the station and crew have come.

"It brings everybody closer together because everybody wants to get back to where you were before the event happened, " Rigney said.

Funding provided by grants and their insurance company covered some of the cost for the renovation - which included new floors, painting and replacing two trucks.

But Rigney says donations from the community really made the difference.

"When you see the outpouring of support that the community gives you, the fellow public safety officials give you after something like that happens, it's very humbling for you to know that everybody is here to help, " said Rigney.

"Naturally, it runs chills up your neck hearing that your fire house could be on fire, " said Ringgold Fire Chief Mike Neal.

Neal responded to the Brosville fire, and for him, the scene was all too familiar. The Ringgold fire department also went up in flames in 2001, destroying the entire building.

Neal says he's glad to see the Brosville crew pick up and move forward just as he and his crew did more than a decade ago.

"Looking forward to where they were and where they are today, from what I see, they've done an excellent job and I'm glad for them, " said Neal.

Rigney says many of their lifetime firefighters came back to help the department get back on track, and he wants to thank the community for their support throughout the rebuilding process.