One Week Left to Find the Perfect Halloween Costume

Lynchburg Va- {}Halloween is just a week away, and it's crunch time to find that perfect costume.

The National Retail Federation says the average person will spend $75 per person for Halloween. That includes everything-- costume, candy and decorations, but you can be the hit of the party without having to spend too much.

This is a good time for business at thrift stores like the DAV and Goodwill as customers search for the perfect touch for their costumes or displays.

"Whole lot of college kids will come in here and just buy wigs to go with their costumes. Had one little girl in here that was trying on wedding dresses she was going to be a bride for Halloween," said Brenda Walker, who works at the DAV.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

Goodwill calls themselves the "Halloween Headquarters."

"Depends on whatever your creativity is and how far you wanna go- Goodwill has options for you," said Treney Tweedy, the community development manager for Goodwill.

They even have a Facebook and pinterest page devoted to ideas, and they hold a costume idea contest on their website.

"If you're creative, if you love to be kinda out there for Halloween Goodwill can dress you and it's very affordable," said Tweedy.

Of course there are your traditional Halloween stores.

"We've been getting a lot of adults coming in for parties, haunted houses, stuff like that," said Valda Vaughan who works at Spirit Halloween.

Spirit Halloween has anything you could imagine for this haunted holiday, and often they pick up where the thrift stores left off.

"We've been finding a lot of thrifty people that may find things at the thrift shop and then come in and find their final pieces here," said Vaughan.

If you're still looking for some good costume ideas and maybe a little break for your pocketbook, between these stores, you should find what you need.

"It's the one day of the year that it's ok to be different and no one says anything because everyone else is out of the ordinary. Where else can you say, 'Where at the zombie brains at?'" said Vaughan.