One-On-One Talk With New Danville Superintendent

Danville, VA - Even though Danville schools have shut their doors for the summer, you will not see new superintendent Dr. Edward Newsome Jr. taking a break.

"My main focus would be on making sure that students in the classrooms have the teachers, excellent teachers, the materials that they need to be successful and the resources that students need to be successful," Newsome said.

With more than 30 years in education, Newsome says he understands the concerns parents and teachers have with the recent school closures. He says he looks at the changes as opportunities.

"For students to meet new people, parents to engage with new communities schools are about children and not as much about the building," Newsome explained.

In the future, Newsome says he would like to see graduation rates improve. He stresses the importance of using the budget wisely.

This year's budget has been set, but many were concerned because there were talks of closing Galileo High School.

"There is a difference in closing a school and closing a program. And I think the program at Galileo is a very viable program, exciting program," Newsome said about the matter.

Newsome says he isn't sure if there will be cuts to teachers and staff next year, however.

"I can't say now because we have not done all of our assessments," Newsome said.

Newsome has a lot of plans for the schools, but he has to get through the summer first. He has already started by submitting a draft of his 100 day transition entry plan, which he will present officially next month.