UPDATE: One Dead in Fatal Train Accident, Police Release Names of All Involved

Ambulances at the Scene Thursday Night

UPDATE 10:00 A.M.

Amherst Co., VA - The Amherst County Sheriff's Office is now releasing the names of all the people involved in the fatal pedestrian train accident Thursday night on River Road in Madison Heights.

Hannah Emmaline Williams, 18, of Sanford, North Carolina was killed after a train struck her, according to Lt. Greg Turner.

At 10:45 p.m. Thursday, five Liberty University students were on the River Road railroad trestle when a train came through that was headed north into Amherst County from Lynchburg .

Investigators said the five first-year university students had walked onto the trestle to watch the stars.

Julianne Ashbaugh, 18, of Temple, Georgia is being treated by Lynchburg General for critical injuries after falling from the trestle to the ground. Hospital officials say she is in stable but critical condition.

Patrick Marshall, 18, of Yorktown, Virginia, Javier David Duque, 19, from Arlington, Texas, and Kaitlyn Hermening, 18, of Mosinee, Wisconsin were treated for minor injuries.

The Sheriff's Office said two of the surviving victims were able to jump to a nearby piling and avoid the train while another hung down below the track by his arms.


UPDATE 3:40 A.M.

Amherst Co., VA - A teen died Thursday night on the train trestle that links Riverside Park in Lynchburg to Amherst County.

Five teens in all were on the tracks at the time. The incident sent three to the hospital and another to surgery. Officials also say that at least one is a Liberty University student.

Officials say five young adults were on the train trestle near River Road when a Norfolk-Southern train, headed from Lynchburg to Amherst, was headed right for them. Crews surrounded the trestle when the 911 call came in around 11 Thursday night.

"There's a total of five people involved - three females and two males out on the track at the time of the incident," said Gary Roakes, Public Safety director, Amherst County.

One female is in surgery; another female died, and the third female and two males do not have serious injuries.

At this time, here's what officials know:"I would assume as the train approached from the Lynchburg side, they saw the train, heard the whistle, and ya know, tried to get back to land as quick as they possibly could," said Roakes.

Officials say the girl in surgery jumped from the trestle, and the three without series injuries laid down in the center of the tracks, and the train went over them.

Officials can't say if the young adults are from central Virginia. But they did say, let this be a warning that it is illegal to be on these train trestles for a reason.


Amherst County, VA- One person is dead after an incident at the train trestle at Riverside park.

Officials say several people were crossing when the train came.

Emergency crews confirm one fatality.

Another person fell from the trestle and had to be rescued.

We'll bring you more details as they come.