Old City Cemetery Doing Cookbook Fundraiser

Lynchburg, VA - Old City Cemetery is putting the finishing touches on a cookbook to raise some money.

Jessica Ward has been compiling recipes for years, and she's come up with a catchy title: Food to Live For: Alive and Cooking. Great title for a cookbook that helps fund a cemetery.

This new book is similar to one the cemetery rolled out in 2004 called Food to Die For. It's stuffed with recipes from Ward herself and some friends.

"It's fun. I mean it's, it is fun. And I've had great help with people doing proofreading and editing," said Jessica Ward, compiler.

The big unveiling for the book is April 28th at 3 p.m. in Old City Cemetery. The unveiling and book signing is open to the public. Once again, all the money raised supports the cemetery.


Cemetery Brought Back to Life

Lynchburg, VA - Old City Cemetery is in the middle of a multi-phase project to spruce up the grounds.

Crews are working on the road in to the cemetery in Lynchburg. Half the road is closed down for this work.

The plan is to take old granite that used to be in downtown Lynchburg, and make it the curbing along this cemetery road.

The director says this is a long, multiphase project. The plan is to eventually repave and resurface the road.