Old Carter's Restaurant Site May Transform Into Residential Area

Danville, VA-- What now is just acres of land with an old restaurant building sitting on it, may turn into a new, upscale town home development.

A Danville contractor wants to transform the old Carter's restaurant site on Riverside Drive into a suburban residential area. However, the Danville Planning Commission saID Aaron White has been met with opposition from property owners, saying it would devalue other homes nearby and cause traffic issues.

This week, Commissioners voted to allow construction on the site.

"I do know it's a new facility, a new use for the property and I do think it's going to be some nice townhouses," said Scott Holtry, Associate Planner for Danville City. "However, something new coming to the area always raises concerns I guess."

The proposal is now up for final approval from Danville City Council.

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