Residents in Oklahoma Thankful for Local Help

Moore, OK - Relief efforts are in full force in Moore, Oklahoma. Many residents say without bottled water and other items that have been donated, the clean up would have been much harder.

"That's the great part about it, people that don't even know us, and how will we ever thank them,"said tornado victim Kathy Chow.

Chow has been for 3 days now to clean up what's left of her home. And while it may not seem like much, a cold bottle of water donated through the Heart of Virginia Lifeline goes a long ways.

"They drop off a bottle of water, or a hamburger, or a bag of chips it's just overwhelming," said Chow. "It means more than words can explain," said Associate Pastor of Church of The Harvest Scott Haynes.

Haynes along with other church volunteers have been organizing this room full of donated items.

"When your working and fielding phone call after phone call, then to know I'm not tracking down water I'm not tracking down blankets I'm not tracking down things people need for their children, it's just there and we just have to unload the truck,"said Haynes.

More than 100,000 bottles of water have passed through this building.

75% of which have been donated to Gleaning for the World by our viewers.

But even though by the looks of this room supplies are plentiful, Haynes is quick to point out these supplies will need to last a long time.

"This is a long term thing, it's not a sprint," said Haynes.