Officials to Put Up Fence on Wards Road

Fence on Wards Ferry Road

Lynchburg, VA - People have tried dodging traffic for years to cross Wards Road in Lynchburg. Now the city wants to make sure you use that bridge built here recently, so they are adding fencing.

Construction starts this week.

It will look like the fence up on Wards Ferry Road and will go up in the median of Wards stretching from Harvard Street to Atlanta Avenue.

The city engineer says it's meant to prevent people crossing the street and take the pedestrian bridge instead.

"For some people it would be inconvenient to walk down a quarter mile or a half a mile," said Rob Stratton, a pedestrian.

"Especially with all those big tractor trailers coming in through there, I think it would be a very good idea to put the fence there," said Richard Bunch.

The city engineer says most fence work won't affect traffic.

It should be done by mid-November. Then, crews will come back on January 1 to landscape.